El Nacimiento de Quetzalcoatl

El Nacimiento de Quetzalcoatl


(The birth of Quetzalcoatl) 2020

Demetrio Garcia Aguilar

Polychromed Red-Clay Ceramic


A fantasy of the Aztec feathered serpent-god, Quetzalcoatl, being born closely wrapped around Death itself. A the base is the Miquitzli, the Aztec symbol of death, further pushing Demetrio's questions of the close relationships between opposite forces and their relevance in our times today. 


  • Shipping

    Ceramics are shipped directly from Oaxaca, Mexico and thus allow for up to two weeks for delivery. All packages are shipped using FedEx. A tracking number will be provided as soon as the piece is shipped.

  • Availability

    Each figure is unique and only one is held in stock at any point. If you are interested in a piece that has been sold, contact us and we will inform you of the availability and estimated time for the artist to make a new one.

  • Returns

    There are no returns unless the ceramic arrives damaged. Should that be the case, please send us photos of how it arrived. 

  • Dimensions

    Height= 45cm / 17.75in

    Width = 20cm / 7.75in

    Depth= 10cm / 4in

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