Our 19th mask is dedicated to the Otomi embroidery style of the Otomi region in Hidalgo, Mexico.  This Mexican embroidery style is known as "Tenangos" and it uses vibrant colors featuring unique floral and animal designs. Each Otomi piece is hand embroidered on Ivory muslin by Otomi artisans and can take as long 12 months to produce. These large embroidered fabrics were meant as table cloths but they are too beautiful to get salsa on, in our opinion. 


Otomi textiles represent a great Mexican tradition that has been passed from generation to generation. The Otomi designs are symbols based on native flora and fauna of the Otomi region. The animals and flowers in this Mexican embroidery represent the daily events of the Otomi culture in which can be appreciated animals such as deer, birds, rabbits as well as butterflies, flowers, and trees. 


ORIGIN: Ocotlan de Morelos, Oaxaca

SIZE: Large - or to order

TIME: 4 days

FABRIC: Two layers of 100% Manta Cotton