The Salgado Tellez Sisters


Oaxacan silver filigrana from santa cruz xoxocotlan, Oaxaca, mexico

Explore the delightful jewelry that is Handmade OAXACAN FILIGRANA

The Salgado Tellez Sisters run a jewelry shop in Santa Cruz Xoxocotlan in Oaxaca, Mexico. Their goal is to rescue of the ancient Filigrana technique, native to the state of the Oaxaca and 100% hand-made. Unfortunately, through the decades, the artfrom has been slowly lost and forgotten, leaving behind a rich tradition that the Salgado Tellez family believes is worth preserving. We agree with them and are here to help promote and evolve the artfrom.

16 earrings

 We invite you to explore the beautiful art that is Oaxacan Silver Filigrana. We have established a relationship with The Salgado Tellez Sisters and look forward to share our collaborative work with you. For now, we have 16 different earrings designed and handmade with 925 silver.

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The Mexico Mask Series 2021